Tuesday, October 21, 2008

bon voyage

It's been a while since my friends had urged me to start writing blogs... go to blogspot and open an account u dumbo, they would say. Dumbo, no way, lazy is the word I would prefer though.
So what made me start writing... Well, I have just returned from the mountains — I still can't get it out of my head which has very little hair left — and having left newspapers and trying my luck in the news agency, I had very little scope to write features in a news agency... sports reporter that I am. Thus I was toying with the idea what to do when my sweet little friend suggested that I start blogging.
Something of a shmuck, I needed yet another friend to help me open an account and vola... look what I am doing now... Getting bored you must be but most of you must have started one way or the other. Bon voyage! Let the sheep stew its own course...

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