Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sen & sensibilities

Well, in this world of technologically advanced people, would prefer to call myself a bit of a bluggard??? (no idea what it means or whether it's got any meaning or not, but rhyming has been a curse i have been carrying since the roses are red violets are blue, you love me and i love you days... sorry for digressing again, fact is i thought of 'bluggard' for someone who -- not evrybody has to conform to it, it's me that i am talking about -- writes blogs rather infrequently! U can call me a blue-guard as well, won't mind!!!)
Uff! have worked up such a sweat already. Why am i here?
Remember Aung San Suu Kyi, offcourse you do... a lot of storm had and is still being created the world over for unlawfully detaining her. We Indians have protested the death of democracy in Myanmar...
But what about Dr Binayak Sen?
Binayak who?
A doctor, who left the world of riches to work with the poor-- providing them with healthcare, friendly counsel besides becoming a champion of civil rights. The last part was what the Chattisgarh government didn't like.
So, they put him in jail and like Suu Kyi and others before and after her, declared him a threat to the state.
He was released on bail yesterday, after almost two years.
While cyclone aila ripped Bengal, sardars clashed in Punjab, the Congress government fretted over portfolios, Gilchrist and his band of super chargers were speaking about turn arounds, Dr Sen walked out.
Talk about democracy and this is where it leads one to. But Dr Sen's ordeal isn't over yet with the Chattisgarh CM still baying for blood. However, one lives in hope, cliched though it may sound.
While we remember Suu Kyi and the greats, do spare a thought for this unassuming doctor.

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Anorak said...

Martin Luther King still weeps in the corridor, Aung San Suu Kyi staves day in and day out, while Dr. Sen lands up in jail for protecting civil rights.....Huh!

...welcome to the new world.........its all beautiful! its all beautiful!!!!keep walking!!!